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BNTU Makes Call for Re-registration Exercise

The Belize National Teachers Union has joined the call for a re-registration exercise to take place this year. The BNTU says it has been closely following the ongoing Senate Special Select Committee hearings into the Auditor General’s special report and they are tremendously concerned regarding the matter of voter registration as what can only be described as quote “the wanton distribution of questionable, illegal Belizean nationality certificates.” End of quote. The BNTU says they are of the belief that our sacred democracy has been greatly compromised and tarnished by malpractices and so it is most urgent that the necessary corrective measures be put in place. It is calling on all other unions, civil society organizations and the general public to join the call for such an exercise to take place as scheduled. Earlier this month the People’s United Party and the Belize Progressive Party have called for a re-registration and re-districting exercise.