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BNTU Members Block Bridges and Highways

The joint unions have rejected the government’s final offer made last week to overcome the impasse. The offer was made last Wednesday, the unions met with government officials on Thursday, and by late yesterday evening the announcement went out that the strike would continue. Early this morning tires were mounted on the highway out west, and vehicles were parked across strategic points on all the highways and main arteries in the districts. For a look at the situation out west and in the south we join News Director, Renee Trujillo.

The unions also blocked an area on the John Smith Road cutting off access from the George Price Highway to the Philip Goldson Highway. In the old capital, the Chetumal, Belcan and the BelChina bridges were blocked, making it tedious for drivers to travel between the south and north side of Belize City. Vehicles were seen diverting to the Swing Bridge to gain access to the other side of the city. Meanwhile up in the north, blockages were seen in several locations including Libertad Junction, Corozal District and Carmelita Village, Orange Walk District. The road blockages lasted for an estimated two hours with no major incident to report. Later in our newscast, however, we’ll tell you of the four teachers who were arrested out west in Succotz Village.