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Are BNTU and MOE closer to a solution?

The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) and the Ministry of Education are no longer at an impasse when it comes to the hardship allowances, Proposal 22 and commuting allowance for teachers. Since bucking heads in the latter part of 2018, the two parties have had a series of meetings in an effort to resolve and finalize these matters.  Education Minister, Patrick Faber, updated us.

Honorable Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber: “We continue to dialogue with them as well. The last report that I received I did meet with the president and officials. I think maybe it was a week and a half ago and we discussed a number of issues. It was a very cordial meeting and what became clear to me from my meeting with them is that they are okay with the discussions that we are having on the number of issues that are outstanding including the issue of the allowances for teachers and also the matters having to do with the four community schools so that they are engaged with us to try and ascertain if those schools would want to come under the proprietorship of the government. Those are all issues that we are engaged with and we seem to be making good progress or acceptable progress on both sides so…”

The union had rung alarm bells last September when they noted that they were not consulted on several issues pertaining to allowances for teachers.