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BNTU National President says Meeting Was Uneventful

The government representatives and the joint unions met yesterday for several hours at the House of Culture. The meeting comes after weeks of an impasse over salary cuts and the unions’ demands for good governance. The meeting concluded just after seven o’clock last night. According to the BNTU President Elena Smith the meeting was uneventful. She spoke with Seven News as she exited the gates last night.

Elena Smith, President, BNTU: “We are not finished yet you know. We only did a portion of the discussion today and then we come back on Thursday for the second portion. I think as usual we had some cordial and some frank discussions so from now we go to membership and then we come back for another meeting to finalize matters.”

Reporter: Do they seem willing to yield to some of the priority list that you mentioned this morning ? 

Elena Smith, President, BNTU: “Well I don’t want to get into that yet because we still have the list to complete so I prefer to do that when we have gone through the entire list.”