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BNTU Not Driven by Politics, Says Opposition Leader

Several agencies have rendered solidarity and support to the Belize National Teachers Union in their plans to take industrial action in the coming days.  The People’s United Party is one of those organizations.  Despite that support, however, Opposition Leader, John Briceno says they have not met with the BNTU as they do not want to taint the demands or moves by the union with politics.


“No I have not met with the BNTU leadership and I have deliberately done so  because I don’t want for people to think that what the BNTU is doing is political. Even though the Prime Minister is accusing the president, Mr. Luke Palacio that it is political, that it is being driven by the PUP. We have not met with the BNTU. What we have been doing though is meeting other unions and other organizations and appealing to them that we need to stand up with the BNTU. We cannot allow the teachers to feel they are alone in this fight. We need to let the teachers understand that they are not alone, that they are there not only as a PUP but as a citizen of this country who have a right to be concerned about the criminal activity that has taken place in the ministry of immigration, about the cover up in the murder of Pastor Lou where the government refuses to have an independent, international investigation as to what happened. The Prime Minister is afraid to find out why Pastor Lou was killed. We know he was supposedly found the  people that actually committed the murders but the question is why was he murdered and the Prime Minister I think suspects but he is afraid to find out just like he is afraid to find out what really happened in the department of Immigration. No less than thirteen present and former ministers and many other UDP operatives have been named in that report and he will do any and everything to frustrate the process, put all kinds of stumbling blocks and eventually he hopes that a) people will forget or b) that by the time the real work starts the elections are going to be upon us.”

Briceno reflected back to 2005 when Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Senator Godwin Hulse had fought for a just Senate Inquiry adding that Hulse needs to be removed.


The removal of Hulse as the Minister of Home Affairs is one of the eight demands that the BNTU has made to the Government of Belize.