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BNTU at odds with Ministry of Education

The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) is once again claiming that it is not being respected by the Ministry of Education (MOE). The latest disagreement is over the re-categorization of hardship and rural allowances.  The BNTU says it views with disgust, the manner in which a finalized list of re-categorized schools was arrived at and then circulated by the MOE. The BNTU says it serves on the Joint Education Staff Relations Council and although its President sits on the Council’s subcommittee, it has not received a finalized list from the Ministry as it relates to the schools which fall under categories for hardship, rural allowances and time off to collect salaries. The BNTU is not in agreement with many of the changes being suggested on the draft list. The union claims the changes made to the list will disenfranchise and inconvenience many teachers.  The BNTU concludes by saying if the Ministry of Education and its decision makers remain intransigent, it will have no choice but call its Council of Management to begin consultations and mobilization of members until the matter is resolved.