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BNTU on Mission to Have Teachers Know the Southern Border

Last week we reported on the national convention held by the Belize National Teachers Union in the Toledo District.  As part of that annual session, the teachers were taken to Belize’s border with Guatemala at Jalacte.  President Luke Palacio spoke on why that trip was taken and why Jalacte and not the Sarstoon where the heated incidents have been occurring.


“At our recent convention in Punta Gorda we had traveled to the border near Jalacte for our teachers, our officers from the ten branches of the Belizean National Teachers Union to get an idea of what is going on at the south western border with Guatemala at this time as well. The matter of going to the Jalacte was more convenient in terms of the persons travelling to Toledo would have come from the north or the northern part of the country and so getting to the junction at 14 miles and them moving out south west would have been more convenient and that is one of the reasons why. In terms of the Sarstoon River going up the Sarstoon or to the Sarstoon river there would have been some logistical issues that would have to had addressed at that time.”

According to Palacio there will be future trips made to the border areas in southern Belize in order to have the teachers aware of what is happening and in turn, have them properly furnished to provide answers to the students.