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Elena Smith- President of the Belize National Teachers Union

BNTU President continues on her “Hardship Tours”

The Belize National Teacher’s Union President Elena Smith continues her tour of the country in an effort to see, firsthand, what teachers experience on a daily basis. Her recent visit was to Stann creek district and she told us what she found out.

Elena Smith President of the BNTU: While we were visiting San Pablo we had to cross a river and some of the teachers opted to go via the route of the river as opposed to going through the road where there is transportation available because it’s quite long to go via the road and the road is in a bad condition and so for them they get to school late and that day when we arrived there the teachers were late because of the transportation system and so if you go through the river you are sure to be there on time. In the month of December we are coming into the cool weather and so that day the water was really cold and so I could just imagine what it would be like in December when we are getting more of the cold fronts coming in.