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BNTU President Says Schools are Gearing up for the Return of Face To Face Learning

The nation’s teachers are on vacation at this time and will in about a month’s time see the start of the school year. According to the Ministry of Education’s academic calendar, the vacation for teachers end on July thirty and on August nine, school-level planning and continuous professional development activities will begin, with the new school year starting on August thirty. As listeners will remember, the Government of Belize greenlighted a reduction of working hours for public officers and teachers in lieu of the ten percent salary cut, which came into effect last month. Teachers are expected to see the abbreviated working hours when the new school year officially commences. According to BNTU President Senator Elena Smith, there are still a few additional things that still need to be finalized.

Elena Smith, President, BNTU: “In terms of the five hours less for teachers you will understand that around that time teachers were working mostly from home and so that put us in a different position. As well we had to sit and discuss the matter with the ministry because of the impact that that would have on the education rules and what is required of us as teachers that kind of things so we had that discussion with the ministry and we have sent to them already, I have informed the CEO already of the position of our teachers in terms of how that one hour per day would work out and we are expecting that come this new school year that that is going to be put in place based on what we sent to the CEO.”

The ministry adds that the new school year will be thirty-eight weeks or one hundred eighty-three days long, ending on June twenty-four, 2022.