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BNTU ready for Wednesday’s Strike in Belmopan

The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) held a meeting with its representatives last week and accused Minister of Education Patrick Faber of union busting and intimidation.  The Ministry also placed a deadline on when it requires a response from the Union on hot topic issues. But union President Elena Smith says they will respond but not by writing, by walking. The BNTU will protest in the capital no matter how many teachers come out on Wednesday.

Elena Smith President BNTU:We are not going to put out any numbers there because we know what they do with numbers and we know how they play the game but what we are expecting is our members would see the benefit of what we are doing and those teachers who are not in the rural areas, that are in the urban areas that they can understand that there fellow colleagues are going through this situation and we are going to support them so whatever number of teachers come out that is what we will work with. The numbers for us does not signify the strength of the Union all the time because we know that while teachers are being intimidated some of them will not be able to go because of intimidation and some of them are new, they need the job they have bills to pay so we are aware of all of that so we will not hold that against them. Whatever number comes out we will work with that.”