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BNTU says Education Ministry refuses to honor outstanding increments and allowances

The BNTU had been doing its due diligence on a number of issues. There have been cases and allegations that teachers were not being paid their increments and allowances on time. The Secretary-General of the BNTU,   Keisha Young says that the Ministry of Education does not intend to honor retroactive commitments.

Keisha Young BNTU General Secretary: “We looked at cases from our membership where teachers were not being paid increments and allowances on time. Through that investigation we got to find out that the Ministry is saying that commuting allowances that were not paid beyond 2017 would now not be honored. The BNTU is now saying that our teachers have now gone out of pocket, some of them for several years not receiving their commuting allowances and it is not their fault that those monies did not come on time and so the BNTU will work earnestly and even if we have to go the legal route we are putting the Ministry on notice that if we have to go through the courts we will ensure our teachers get what they justly deserve.”

So on Wednesday next week, the BNTU will protest in Belmopan. The midweek protest is sure to cause additional blowback from the Ministry of Education which would either request an additional school day as well as docking the pay of teachers who protest.