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BNTU still upset about teachers not getting Commuting Allowance

BNTU President Elena Smith also told Love News that another issue that has upset them is the fact that the Ministry will not pay some teachers commuting allowances.

Elena Smith President BNTU: “So what happens that we have some teachers who do not qualify for hardship because they come back and forth everyday but they qualify for a commuting allowance and what they said to us is that anything before 2017 that teachers did not get that they would have honored. They would only honor community allowance owed from last school year and going forward. What we are saying is that commuting allowance is a matter that we negotiated and so when you negotiate these benefits you don’t go down on these benefits . The benefits should get better, not worse and for the Ministry to say that they they are going to discontinue paying these things or these backlogs will not be paid, that is not how it works. This was a negotiated matter and we must sit at the table and again discuss this matter as Union and leadership because that is what it is about.”

Deborah Domingo, the CEO for Education has said that there is an obligation of teachers to apply for commuting allowance every year while there is also an obligation on the applicants to show proof where they are living. Then the process goes through approval at the local management level, then the district education center level and finally at the general manager’s level.