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BNTU: “There seems to be a Clear Violation with regards to Parke’s Qualification”

Last week the Belize National Teachers Union also voiced concerns over the appointment of Franz Parke to the Court of Appeals. In its release, the BNTU agrees with the PUP and the Bar Association of Belize saying that it quote, “finds it rather odd that there seems to be a clear violation with regards to his qualification,” end of quote.  Senator Elena Smith is the President of the BNTU.

Senator Elena Smith – President of the BNTU

“We’ll I’m not sure if that is a response to our press release. That may be somewhat saying to us ‘you have your say we’ll have our way’ kind of response but if that is so then it’s unfortunate because the matter of Mr. Parke being sworn in and Mr. Parke being a judge now in this country is not a matter that is going to affect the BNTU or the BNTU members only, it’s a matter that will affect this entire nation and we are aware of the importance of our judicial system and so I don’t believe and we don’t believe at the BNTU that we should take these appointments lightly. We must ensure that persons who are going to be serving in these capacities are of the highest caliber as per our constitution and based on what we have seen about Mr. Parke we do not feel that he possess such qualities to have been giving this position and so I really think that the Prime Minister should find some way of reviewing what he has done and to really think about how it will affect his people. If this government truly cares about Belizeans and cares about the justice system then they will do the right thing and we feel that the right thing will be to not have Mr. Parke in this position. As normal we will consult with our council there are several things that can happen; we are aware that suit was filed we may decide that we may need to do the same, we may decide that maybe it will be best to join forces with other groups who feel similar to how we feel and then we have a joint suit going on or we may determine that there are other actions that we can take that will assist in this process so that is yet to be determined.”