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BNTU weigh in on Minister of Foreign Affairs border comments

In its release today, the Belize National Teachers Union also took a jab at Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington for his comments made recently in respect to Belize’s border with Guatemala. BNTU President Senator Elena Smith says that the Foreign Minister must ‘watch his words’.

Senator Elena Smith – President, PSU

“Sometimes it would seem that the Minister speaks without thinking and he makes it seem like he is the only person who knows everything and we know nothing.  We have to ensure, I think we are calling on the Prime Minister that he has to advise his Minister that the Minister needs to think before he speaks. He cannot just get out there and say things that are of that sort and expect that persons would not react. We are talking of our country and he keeps on saying to us that oh, he loves our country and maybe nobody loves it more than him.  That is not the way to act if you love your country. Those are not things that you say if you love your country. He has to take a stock of what he says and he has to be careful of what he says because whatever he says there are going to be persons who are going to respond and who are going to act on what he says.  We will not sit idly by and have him or any other Minister say such stupid things and expect us to just say nothing, it is not going to happen.”