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BNTU’s President sets the Record Straight

Last night other sections of the media reported that an injunction was granted against the Public Service Workers Trust and the Belize National Teachers Union. A release from the trust says the claimant in the case had, in fact, sought an injunction from the court to restrain the unions and or the trustees of the PSWT, and or their agents…from dealing with the trust funds, including advancing loans to third parties. However, the injunction was not granted. BNTU President Senator Elena Smith explained what the judge ordered.

Elena Smith, BNTU President

“Well there’s news in the media that is saying that an injunction was granted I really don’t want to speak much into it because we are right now discussing a way forward as the trustees along with the protectors but I need to make it clear that based on our attorney’s reporting and based on the judgment that we received that an injunction was not granted as others are saying. What the court has said is that because there are no audit financials for this year as yet, the year has not ended, it was agreed that any loans that come in that we must inform the claimant’s attorney of all of those applications and then the claimants will then review them and inform us of their decision whether they see fit for us to go ahead with those loans. In the event that we cannot agree; for example they might say they don’t approve of these loans being granted then we can always go back to court and ask that a judgment be made based on what we present so if it is that the applications are all in order there is nothing to show that any mischief has been going on then the judge can make the decision to say ‘listen, they presented us what they have given thus far for the entire year, we see where loans are being given, payments are being made everything is in order, these applications meet the criteria for a loan application and so I am determining that these loans can go ahead and then that will be.’ So it’s not an injunction it’s just that we must share with them those applications who those persons are, what they’re applying for, how much they are applying for, what they are applying for, what will be the payment period of these loans and then they would give us their approval and we would move on from there.”

The BNTU and the PSWT were represented by attorneys Magali Marin Young and Anthony Sylvestre.