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BNTU’s Rally Supported by PUP, COLA, BPP, BTV and NTV

Just under seven hundred teachers took part in the teacher’s rally held this morning in Belize City.  It was a march of solidarity led by the Belize National Teachers Union from the Constitution Park through the principal streets of the City to the BTL Park.  Luke Palacio, the President of the BNTU spoke on the turnout and support they have received in today’s event from the teachers and other agencies.

Opposition Leader, John Briceno was a part of the march and led several members of his party in this event.  Briceno told the media that it doesn’t matter who the organizer is; as long as it is for Belize, it is worth participating in.

We told you that there were other agencies present at the Stand Up For Belize rally and those include the Belize Progressive Party, Belize Territorial Volunteers and the Citizens Organized for Liberty Through Action (COLA).  Love News spoke with Wil Maheia and Geovanni Brackett.

As we mentioned, Briceno was accompanied by several of the PUP Parliamentarians, friends and supporters; it wasn’t a mass blue and white turnout but according to Briceno, it wasn’t meant to be.


By the time the rally arrived at the BTL Park just after ten o’clock, the number of supporters had doubled that of the parade with an estimated twelve hundred participants.  An official ceremony took place at the park with several presentations.  Today’s rally coincided with Teachers’ Day and went against the traditional celebration for teachers by way of field trips around the country.  All things considered, it was a low showing of teachers support considering that there are an estimated five thousand registered educators countrywide.