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Boat of Missing Fisherman Jarid Usher Found

Tonight, concerns are mounting as the family of thirty-year-old Jarid Usher remains clueless as to what might have happened to the missing fisherman. Earlier on Thursday, the Belize Coast Guard (BCG) confirmed that Usher’s boat was found near the village of Gales Point Manatee. They have since been conducting search operations in the area in hopes of locating Usher. Fleet commander, Lieutenant John Diego, of the BCG gave an update on the search operations.

Lt. John Diego, Fleet Commander, Belize Coast Guard: “As it relates to Jarrid Usher as you’re well aware he went missing sometime around the 7th of July however we were not notified of his disappearance until about the 27th of July which is about twenty days after he went missing. As a result of that we immediately got as much information as we can, analyzed the information after which we collaborated with the police and at present we are conducting search in the Manatee area where his vessel was found in that area about two days ago. It was not in excellent condition, it was all beat up. I’m aware the vessel drifted near a resort south of the Manatee area and the owners of the resort retrieved the vessel and secured it at their location until the police and the coast guard got to this location and identified this vessel to be for Mr.Usher.”

While the BCG says they were only recently informed that Usher’s boat was found, Jarid’s father, Raymond Usher told our newsroom that the boat was first sighted on July eight, the last time the family had contact with Usher.

Raymond Usher, Father of Jarrid Usher: “It was out of our own initiative on our part as a family doing our part on the other side and on your support with this announcement on the media people started phoning in and out of that we were able to get a report from one Mr.Set in the Gales Point Manatee area that they had found the boat and they had found the boat from about the 8th of July which Jarrid went out on the 5th. He might have come in on the Tuesday but he might have gone out back again but between that period of time something had happened and we can’t say why but even the gentleman said he made a report and nobody seemed to have reacted on that and we feel now that we’re at this point in time would have already found him and it is saddening at this point in time that we are in this way seeking out because our family had been out there from three days ago and today they are still out there searching in the White Pan area and I’m hoping that if we are appealing to people in that White Pan area in Gales Point Manatee to please come out even if in their boat and they help this crew that is out there searching on the coast and in the White Pan area island to see if they could find him. We feel there might be a little submerged in all those marshes and thing that are around the area but please don’t give up on us.”

Usher’s family has also begun conducting aerial searches in the area. His father says is now seeking financial assistance to conduct more helicopter searches that are said to cost seventeen hundred US dollars each. Usher also told Love News that while the family remains hopeful that Jarid is still alive, they are beginning to fear the worse.

Raymond Usher, Father of Jarrid Usher: “I prayed even up to last night, even up to about three o’clock I was on my knees praying and it was a message from one of my prayer warriors who said you know Mr.Usher I had a vision that Jarrid is still alive, he’s struggling, he’s so weak but he heard the helicopter that was out searching for him in that vision that he was trying to raise his hands so I’m having that spiritual hope that he is holding on because he’s a fighter. He’s a survivor and I appreciate that question because I know I trust in the lord that he will be found. I wouldn’t want to know that we don’t have closure on him. For this I’m appealing to everybody reach out to him in any form or fashion.”

If you have any information that may help in locating Jarid Usher you can contact his family at 672-6378 or at 604-9840.