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Boat Owner Charged for Damages to Barrier Reef

Fifty one year old Juan Carlos Ucros Alvarez who was born in Columbia but later nationalized in Guatemala was charged for environment damages by the Department of Environment and for negligence and carelessness by the Belize Port of Authority based on the Merchant and Shipping Act. Alvarez is the owner of the yacht named “Rumba” that crashed into the barrier reef in the area of Hatchet Caye on September 3. Love News has confirmed that the vessel left Belizean waters last Thursday en-route to Guatemala. A task force comprising of the Department of Environment, Immigration and the Belize Port Authority was sent to the area to assess the damages done to the reef. We understand that the assessment concluded that Alvarez caused thirty one thousand dollars in environmental damages. We also understand that the matter was settled out of court and in most instances no less than sixty five percent of the value of damages must be paid. As for what caused the mishap, a source told Love News that the vessel was travelling towards the sunlight and the captain was not seeing clearly where he was going. Eight persons were onboard and they were in Belize for a recreational visit.