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BOCGA Has a Not So New Executive

The Belize Olympic & Commonwealth Games Association held its election of its executive inside the Cahal Pech Room at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City on Saturday, February 18.  Hilly Martinez was re-elected as President of the BOCGA.  He spoke with the media immediately following the elections in which he speaks of the election and the funding available to the association.


“The Olympic Committee has to hold elections every four years, usually it is after the Olympic Games and it’s a condition to be affiliated with the International Olympic Committee, if you do not have elections then you will be suspended so it is just procedure and protocol that we must have elections every four years and we had it in 2013 in February and we are doing now. It has to be held again in 2021 in February thirty days after today’s date. The Olympic Association does not really control individual sports, we are here to assist individual sports and like I mentioned to everyone in the meeting we have an allocation of $125,000US per year from the International Olympic Committee and that finance is used for individual national federations for them to come up with programs that we can assist them with. Presently we have coaches in athletics, volleyball, table tennis in Belize and its tricky when coaches we have. Table tennis is working with young people and volleyball is working with young people, athletics is also doing the same thing. So its to develop the young people of Belize that is the future of our country in sports so we asked each national federations to come up with a program which we asked them to submit from last year so that I can apply for the funding from the various institutions.”

As it relates to the way forward, Martinez says that they will be preparing for several upcoming games.


“Well the next step for us is really to work with the national federations to get them organized, we had the strategic studies done for them and to assist them in getting them prepared for games that are coming up for the PanAmericas, Central American and eventually the Olympic games.”

Others elected were Sonny Meighan for Vice President; Secretary General, Allan Sharp; Assistant Secretary General, Giovanni Alamilla and Treasurer, Arturo Vasquez.  Other elected persons include Julian Murrillo, Deon Sutherland and Herman Pastor Jr.