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Body of British National found in beach in Placencia

The body of 59-year-old, Philip Crabtree was found this morning at around seven o’clock, along the coast of Placencia, Stann Creek District.  Crabtree is reportedly a British national who had retired and was living in the village for a few weeks.  Love News spoke with Phoenix Usher, a woman he had been involved with since he arrived in Belize on April 11, 2019.

Phenix Usher – Common Law Wife of Victim: “Unexpected and really shocking, when I say shocking, it is nerve shocking because I did not expect that. When he left here at the end of April he told me that he was going back to England. He actually sent me a text and said babe I am back in England and I am safe so to get this news and seeing it over Facebook, it is really shocking. So far to be honest, like I said, he doesn’t mess with anybody, he does not mingle with anybody, he knows his limit of drinking so whenever he drinks and he feels that he is getting a little high he would say it is time, take a bath and lay down. We knew each other for over one year or two years, we have been texting back and forth on Facebook. He called every day, we messenger, he would call every day, every minute, every time on Whatsapp.”

Courtney Menzies: “So he had planned to come back here for your Birthday and also he was planning to live here now?”

Phenix Usher – Common Law Wife of Victim: Yes, he had his whole plan and his thing is Placencia, nowhere else. He was even texting this lady for an apartment to live in Placencia, he wanted to live at the seaside.”

Courtney Menzies: “You guys were starting to plan a wedding?”

Phenix Usher – Common Law Wife of Victim: Well, he told my kids that is what he wanted as a surprise, as a birthday gift. We have been talking about it and so forth, he said that is what he wanted to give me for a birthday gift.”

Courtney Menzies: “Do you know if his family back in England is informed as yet?”

Phenix Usher – Common Law Wife of Victim: “I am not sure, I have been trying to get in contact with his nephew Jake but not getting through, nor his sister or anything, I am not getting through to any of them.”

Love News understands that there was a gash on the victim’s forehead, but police are yet to determine whether there was an accident or if this is another homicide case.  ///////