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Body discovered in creek

The body of a man was found earlier today.  Correspondent Fem Cruz was on the scene and filed this report.

Fem Cruz, Love FM

“Based on information received just before 11 am of a body found lying face down in the creek in the Fall area of Roaring Creek Village, Love News visited the scene and saw the lifeless body of 26-year-old Errol Gabourel Smith, better known as “rabbit” with a single gunshot wound to the head. The grandmother of the deceased Joycelyn Smith and Manuel Carrillo spoke to Love News at the scene.”

Joycelyn Smith, Grandmother of Deceased

“About 6 o’clock I spoke to him and I told him to bring some dinner down to his aunt but he told me he was not at home and that he was back of those guys somewhere back there and I told him it was alright. Last night when I went home I thought he was home and I went to my bed but I saw his bike in the house, his slippers there and his cap on the couch. So, this morning I was waiting to send him to buy at the shop when Bret called me and asked me where Errol was and I told him in his room. So, when I went in there, knocked on the door and went in there his bed was not rumpled or anything so I knew he hadn’t slept there that night but I know he went there late because he put on the light for me, that is after 6. My grandson called and they told him that they found a body down there.”

Manuel Carrillo

“This morning we were doing some art and all of sudden a dread guy came and asked us if we didn’t know if there was a body down there. We said no and he said when he went there to eat some chicken then he saw the body; we went down there and then we saw the body in the water.”

Fem Cruz, Love FM

“Tell us what you all experienced or heard last night prior to this body that was found.”

Manuel Carrillo

“Well actually around 1 am I and one of the guys at Freedom House heard the dogs barking and then we heard one single gunshot and that was it right there. A while after that we heard the dogs barking again and then me and a brother came out to see what was going on but we didn’t see anyone.”