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Body found believed to be that of missing man

The body of a man was found in a Gra Gra lagoon a few miles outside Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District.  Speculations are that body is that of Derrick Ramirez, the man who had gone missing on Cross Caye on August 4, after his life was threatened. Ramirez had gone diving with some relatives near the caye and was approached by someone from another group, who told them that they were not allowed to dive there. Ramirez and his relatives went back to Cross Caye, where they were approached again. The other group returned a third time, and two of the men chased Ramirez into some mangroves and fired shots after him. The body was discovered this morning just after nine o’clock.  Love News was told that it is in an advanced state of decomposition, and was found without a head. Though police have not identified the body as yet, reports are that the Ramirez’ family has identified the body from its tattoos. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett, says authorities were alerted via a phone call.
Assistant Commissioner of Police – Joseph Myvett: “This morning shortly before 9 a.m. based on information received police visited an area off the coast of Dangriga known as Gragra Lagoon where the body of a male dark in complexion person was found. Police are still on scene and so far we have not been able to positively identify who that person is so we are still processing the scene.”
It seems like an open and shut case but the plot thickens.  Love News understands that a police inspector and constable were detained in connection with this case after they reportedly “lost” one of the main suspects.  According to the Commissioner of Police, the Coast Guard delivered three suspects to the police on Cross Caye, but the inspector on the case is Ramirez’ relative. It so happens that the inspector and the constable reportedly took the main suspect out for a field interview, where it is surmised that he was harmed; he remains missing up to news time. Police are investigating these officers both internally and criminally.///////