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Body Found in Rural Belize; Police Investigates

A body was found on Saturday morning, September 12 in the village of May Pen, Belize District. Police visited the scene and discovered the body of fifty one year old Jorge Aguirre, a caretaker of a nearby farm.  Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster gave more details.


“On Saturday morning we got a call of a body in the river in the May Pen Village area where our officers visited the scene and found the lifeless body of Jorge Edwardo Aguirre, 51 years; Salvadoran national of Carmelita Village who was care-taking a farm in that area. The body was found about three quarter miles from the actual farm that he worked and the officers observed chop wounds to the leg, hands, neck and head. The post mortem was conducted at the same location where the doctor stated that the body was deceased from Wednesday of last week. Initial investigation has led us to looking for a person of interest who had made threats to Mr. Aguirre earlier before his untimely death.”

A motive was later declared when an inventory of the sheep on the farm was taken.


“An inventory of the sheep on the farm indicates that fourteen of them are missing.  So we are ruling it as a theft that Mr. Aguirre probably stumbled upon occurring at the farm where the individual or individuals responsible for his death were stealing the sheep.”

The body was first found by a resident of the area.