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Body found in shallow grave in Orange Walk

The first homicide case for the weekend came out of the Orange Walk District.  The body of a man was found in a shallow grave on Sunday morning near San Lorenzo Village.

The first homicide case for the weekend came out of the Orange Walk District.  The body of a man was found in a shallow grave on Sunday morning near San Lorenzo Village.  33-year-old Hazid Diaz was found by a search party, faced down with varying degrees of injuries.  Diaz reportedly left his home on Saturday afternoon at around one o’clock to go socializing.  When he didn’t return home by ten o’clock that night, Diaz’ mother went to neighbours and formed a search party to go looking for her son.  The search party set out on Sunday morning at around seven o’clock and came across the body just after ten o’clock near a cane field.  According to the Secretary of the San Lorenzo Neighbourhood Watch Committee, Juan de Dios Moguel, their successful search was based on intuition and good common sense.

Juan De Dios Miguel, Secretary, San Lorenzo Neighborhood Watch Community: “He is well known in the community walking around. Hazid usually gets home 2am or 3am , since he is my neighbor I could usually hear the dogs barking when he is passing. Well on this occasion his mom aware because it’s not his usual thing not coming home at that time so he did not appear at home at three o’clock in the morning and by 6:30-7 am they called all their relatives and cousins with whom he was staying out the day before and none of them had seen or heard of Hazid since the day before around 6:30 in the evening and that is when the family became more aware and his sister started to patrol around the village to ask and inquire if they had seen her brother and nobody had seen him and it so happened that she had remembered some of the areas that he usually trafficked. She went by on the outskirts of the village and then I believe it was the intuition of a sister that actually she observed parts of the cane field on the side that were mashed and some of the leaves had blood. So she entered the nearby cane field and then she saw a pool of blood and she started screaming and that’s when the neighbors came out and asked her what was happening and she started to shout that she thinks that blood is her brother’s and that is when the neighborhood watch was alerted and the members we called each other and we came out and we started a small search around the area but we couldn’t find or locate anything only the pool of blood. After that we called in the police, Superintendent Cocom and Sargent Heredia and Mr.Vasquez so they sent a patrol and we started to search again and nothing was observed abnormal on that side, it was the expertise of some of the former police officers and soldiers that we have in the community that they saw the trace of blood along the sugar road and the first thing that they found was the wheelbarrow with the blood. We continued searching the area and that’s when the other group members found a shovel and hoe near the sugar road. We then had one of our group members he was a past chairman just like me he went more further into the bush and he observed something kind of strange like a shallow grave but apparently the people who did it uprooted the grass and left it on one side by the digging and they burred the young man again and just planted the grass again on top of the shallow grave like if nothing. Up to now officially we haven’t heard but one of the things that they’re saying is that it’s various stab wounds to his chest and a slit throat as well that is what we have heard but nothing official as yet.”

Love News understands that investigators had found several items near the scene, including a shovel and a wheelbarrow with blood.  Three persons are reportedly wanted for questioning.