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Body found in Western Belize

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The body of a man was found near Valley of the Peace Village in the Cayo District. Correspondent Fem Cruz has this story.

The body of a man was found near Valley of the Peace Village in the Cayo District. Correspondent Fem Cruz has this story.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: The decomposing body of Pedro Fuentes was found some time around 1:15 on Tuesday afternoon at a dump site in the village of Valley of Peace Cayo District. Love News was called out to an area west of the village and spoke to the chairman Juan Arias.

Juan Arias, Valley of Peace Village Chairman: “This morning I was called by a neighbor in the village saying that Mr.Pedro Fuentes was missing and when I started looking in the village and I couldn’t find him so I went to the area by the dump site because Sunday I was riding around my village, I like to patrol my village, and I went to the dump site and I met his common-law wife and I asked her about Mr.Pedro Fuentes and she told me that he just went into bush to cut a stick. So from then I left her there and I came back to the village. So that happened on Sunday and this morning I was in Belmopan when a neighbor called me saying that Mr.Pedro is still missing and I got alert and I started looking for him in the village asking the neighbors if they saw him and nobody told me that they saw him. So I called the police and I started looking for him. Unfortunately at around 1:15 we found his decomposing body.”

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: Tell us how he was found.

Juan Arias, Valley of Peace Village Chairman: “He was side down but the only thing is that we couldn’t find his machete and he was a man that he never left his machete, he always had a machete in his hands.”

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: Did you see any injuries on him?

Juan Arias, Valley of Peace Village Chairman: “We couldn’t see any injuries because the body was swollen and decomposing that’s why we really couldn’t recognize if he had any injuries in his body.”

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