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Felina James

Body of Missing Woman Found with Throat Slashed

36-year-old Felina James had last been seen alive on the 11th of October. That’s when she left her two sons with a babysitter.  She told the sitter she would return the following day.  The case took a turn for the worst when the woman’s identification cards were found by sanitation engineers. Sadly, James’ body was found last night on the Coastal Road with her throat slashed. Both her husband whom she was separated from and her current partner were questioned by the police prior to her body being found. During the interrogation, the police did not find any signs of violence on their bodies. The shocking murder of the mother of two had caught the attention of the Leader of the Opposition John Briceno.

Leader of the Opposition John Bricenio: “My heart goes out to the family especially the children that lost their mother, the death of Ms. James is just a reflection of what is happening in Belize. In many instances whenever we think about crime we tie it to gang but it is more than gang related activities and this is one such case but one of the biggest problems that we have and we have been saying it many times is the issue of prosecution branch. It seems now that people are under the impression that it is easier for them to kill their problem and to walk away from it because there is probably 93 chances in 100 that they are going to get away with it. We have been calling out on the government to provide the necessary resources, yes we have more boots on the ground but we can have 10,000 more boots on the ground but if when you take them to court you have a weak case they are going to walk away and that is what is happening. We have to give special attention to the prosecution branch, that we have good investigators, that we have good prosecutors, that we can prepare cases that will not fall down when we go to court. This of passing more and more draconian laws obviously is not working and we need to rethink it, again I put on record that crime is not a political football. It is something that affects each and everyone of us. We in the PUP continue to put on record that we want to work with the government in trying to find a lasting solution to the issues of crime. Now from the looks of it this probably might be a crime of passion but a lot of the crime that has taken place in this country has been because of the social problems or the social ills that we are facing. The issue of the economy, the issue of people not being able to get a job, our children not going to school, these are fundamental issues that we have to address in every country especially a young country like Belize.”

Reports reaching our newsroom is that James was found in her underwear.