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Body of Murdered 19 year old found

A 19 year old Belize City resident went out to party on the entertainment strip in Belize City over the weekend …. A few hours later, his mutilated body was found in a bushy area on the George Price Highway.

Jose Sanchez: “A body was found on Saturday morning near Bravo Motors, a few miles outside Belize City on the George Price Highway.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Police observed the motionless body of a male person. The person had what appeared to be a cut wound to the throat, stab wounds to the back and to the chest area. That person was later on identified as Charleston Clifton Cleland a 19 year old Belizean of #30 Wilson St. Belize City. The information that the Police gathered so far is that Cleland was seen socializing on  on Friday night along with a group of male persons and that is the last time he was seen alive.”

Jose Sanchez: “The police and a friend of Cleland who goes by the name Josh said that he doesn’t have any issues with anyone.”

Josh: “Charleston was really respectful and humble young man. Like all of us he enjoyed having fun. I would usually see him out at clubs and he is someone I know from primary school and honestly people might say that because of the way he died maybe he was living, you know the misconceptions people have but from my perspective I know him as someone really nice, really humble, he loved to have fun and he never disrespected me or anyone around me in anyway you know, just someone good to have around, that’s how I knew him.”

Jose Sanchez: “The news of his death was extremely shocking to you?”

Josh: “Yes, it was really shocking. Yes indeed. That was the last thing that I expected. I know him as someone who likes to race bikes so I thought maybe he was in an accident but to find out that it was murder, it was very shocking.”

Jose Sanchez: “Do you ever think he had enemies or anything of the sort?”

Josh: “No never, I know all of us might have our own issues but I have no clue if anything like that.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo:Police is looking at several footages in that area so we can establish the identity of those persons who are along with the deceased.”

Jose Sanchez: “Charleston Cleland has become another statistic in the void of unsolved murders. Jose Sanchez for Love News”

Police believe Cleland was killed in the area where his body was found on the highway. No one has been detained and a motive has not been established for his murder.