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Body of Belize City Man Found with Missing Limb

In other news this evening: Police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the decomposed body of a man that was found yesterday. According to police at around twelve-thirty on Monday afternoon, they visited an island, located some ten miles south of Belize City where they found the body of a man lying face down in the waters. The man, whose body had a missing leg, has since been identified as Cecil Tillett. According to police, Tillett was employed by a man to be a security guard on the island sometime last week. Tillett’s father, Andy Tillett spoke to our Toledo correspondent Paul Mahung and described the type of man his son was.

Andy Tillett, Cecil Tillet’s father: “He had lived his life as far as I know about him as a good fellow trying to be productive, kind, loving, and he did all the things, I guess,  a normal fellow did. He was not a drug fellow as far as I’m concerned and or know about. The last job I know that he was working with for quite a number of years is the National Fire Service and he was stationed at the bridgefoot of BelChina Belize. From there he left on his own and I understand he was working for some company on some caye and they found his body dead, decomposed I understand. Maybe short of some limbs or whatever I’m not sure yet because I haven’t seen no picture of it. I heard about his death about 1:15 today through a traffic officer one Mr.Muschamp working in the Traffic Department Punta Gorda Town. He passed me, stopped, reversed and told me if I heard any news. I  said no. He said the sad news you know that your son is dead and he gave me a number of the chief that he used to work with 621 8578 one Carlos Rudon. He knows my son, his personality and his way of life.”

Police canvassed the area and the structure in which Tillett was living was intact, leaving investigators to suspect foul play. His body now lies at the morgue awaiting a post mortem.