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Body of Teenager Found in Canal with Gunshot Wounds

The body of 18 year old Mario Trotman was found this morning. He had been reported missing since yesterday and after searching near his home on Louise Bevan’s Street, his body was found with gunshot wounds to the head. Superintendent Commanding CIB for the eastern Division, Hilberto Romero, told the media that the 18 year old was shot, killed and dumped near the dyke area.


“He was found in the water, in a canal that leads to the Dyke area on Faber’s Road. The area he was found is about half mile behind the Jane Usher Boulevard Area in the canal. Mario Trotman had been reported missing since yesterday evening around 8pm and police commenced searches and their investigation which led to the discovery of his body.”


“What is investigations showing so far?”


“The investigation is showing that he was lured to that area by persons he knew at which point he was then accosted and shot to the head. We are in the early stages of this investigation and we are doing some interviews and we cannot conclusively say what the motive is at this time but we are doing follow up work and we have two persons in custody.”

While police are trying to figure out the motive of this latest murder, Trotman’s family are clueless as to why anyone would want to kill him. His aunt gave us a few comments.


“He just stays home, goes to his aunt’s house, plays games. He was a very loving person, he was twenty years old, he doesn’t work, he graduated from St.Johns, he doesn’t have any kids; he has one brother and one sister. They shot him in his head, for all we know they dumped him back here, threw him in a creek. We found out only yesterday morning that he left home some of his friends came for him, he left after washing his step fathers car and one of his best friends came for him and the next thing we knew they called us to tell us that they shot him in his head. From yesterday morning we couldn’t find him. We got only leads up until this lead here.”

Trotman’s murder comes a little over a day after the murder of thirty four year old Tanika Lemott. Police have not confirmed that both incidents are gang related but it has also not been ruled out. Today Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, told the media that there is no cause for alarm.


“There is no cause for alarm. We already know that the first incident that took place on Sunday morning was something that just developed at the concert and it was not something that we perceive as gang related and this second murder that we are looking at from all indications thus far this person may have been murdered by his own associates. So when you have in house rivalries it is difficult for the police to be able to curb those sort of incidents, those are what we refer to as the non preventables. As it relates to what the police can prevent we continue to do what we can on the streets of South Side Belize City to do our best to calm the crime situation down.”