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Body of teenager retrieved from lagoon

Contrary to popular belief, the media does not thrive on reporting stories of death and violence.  As a matter of fact, it takes a toll having to face families who are in mourning in order to bring you the details of these stories.  Tonight, there is another death to report out of rural Belize.  The body of 16-year-old, Doren Grinage was spotted in a lagoon by his father, Denver Grinage.  Doren was found in the water near Belize Water Service Plant in Sandhill Village, Belize District, in an area known as Double Run.  While the mother told the media that this will give her closure, there is the matter of his missing torso, as only the lower half of his body was fished out of the lagoon.  Doren was identified by the boxer shorts on the body but according to investigators, a DNA test is necessary to make a definitive ID of the body.

A.S.P. Alejandro Cowo – Head CIB Belize City: “Thursday of last week Mr. Denver Grinage of Sand Hill Village visited the Ladyville Police Station and made a missing person report. He then mentioned his sixteen-year-old son Doren Grinage was last seen some time on Wednesday between the old Northern Highway between 5:30 and 6:30 PM. On today’s date family members and police were conducting searches in an area in the Sand Hill Village that is in an area behind WASA Treatment Plant and on the opposite side they have a lagoon where police found the remains of a body. At this moment the body was retrieved and a post mortem is being conducted at this moment. We cannot tell you or confirm if the body is that of that missing person up to now. We believe that a DNA test has to be done in order to confirm if indeed that is the missing person Doren Grinage.”

While police cannot confirm that the body belongs to Grinage, his family believes it is him. His mother, Denise Grinage, was able to identify the body because of the boxers that was on it.

Denise Grinage: “I am thankful and I am grateful for everybody that came out and helped to support the search so we didn’t have any idea where to look so we just combed all the bushes, everywhere by the riverside and everything. This morning my husband got a boat to comb the river and he found a part of his body floating, he thought it was the whole entire body so he called and said that he found him. We alerted the police and said they found the body but when forensics came they realized that it was not the entire body, it was just part so we are waiting on the Coast Guard to come and do a dive or a search to see if they can come up with the rest of the body.”

Reporter: “What you believe happened to your son?”

Denise Grinage: “ I don’t know I wish I knew but at this point in time I am just grateful and thank god that we can get some kind of closure that we don’t have to search the entire country to find my son. He is not a troublesome person but I don’t know what happened.”

According to police, Grinage was a part of a group who were having problems with another group in the village. Several people have been detained and released in connection with Grinage’s passing; however, since there has been no postmortem as yet, police cannot say for sure if foul play was involved.  The Grinage family and friends have been searching for Doren since July 11 when he was last seen by his father at their home at mile nineteen on the Philip Goldson Highway.////