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Boisterous Man was shot by Police

Thirty-six-year-old Leon Usher was shot to the left knee by a police officer. It happened yesterday morning when Ladyville Police responded to a report of a domestic dispute. The report led officers to the Milpa Area of Ladyville Village where they encountered Usher and a woman. That woman told police that she wanted to leave the residence but Usher, reportedly, was preventing her from doing so. Police report that Usher then aggressed the police officers in a boisterous and unruly fashion. They say he began issuing threats, saying that no one will remove him from his house and if police made any attempts he was ready to kill and be killed. Officers managed to safely extract the woman from the house but in doing so, police say that Usher pounced on one of the officers causing a struggle to ensue. Police also say that Usher attempted to snatch the officer’s firearm from the holster. The officer quickly held the gun and fired a single shot at Usher. He was immediately subdued and taken for treatment at the KHMH where he remains under police guard.