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Boledo to be drawn earlier than usual on weeknights


Yesterday our newsroom was told that the Boledo game would not be on the list of essential services.  Tonight, however, that has changed and Brad’s Gaming Company will be having its Boledo draw earlier than usual on the weeknights.

Yesterday our newsroom was told that the Boledo game would not be on the list of essential services.  Tonight, however, that has changed and Brad’s Gaming Company will be having its Boledo draw earlier than usual on the weeknights.  Attorney General spoke briefly on this and also on the case of media personnel and news stations.

Hon. Michael Peyrefitte Minister of National Security “We all have to make a sacrifice, I don’t want to point out anybody but I have to congratulate the Boledo people. You know what they told me? They said “Well if you’re going to lock of the city at 8:00 how will we draw Boledo?”  and we know Kriol love Boledo. Well it’s simple, you have to draw it before 8:00 and they said “Fine we’ll draw it at seven o’clock.” So then that’s an example of adjusting yourself to match the restrictions we’re trying to put in. So Boledo draws seven which means the cut off time for buying will have to be earlier, which means people have to buy their Boledo earlier; it’s all a part of the sacrifice. We will run into problem with some news people you know ? They have been clamoring for essential service status and they’ve been granted it, essential service but like I said not because you’re essential service means that you automatically get a pass to be out there after eight.

Host:”You have to be going to or from work.”

Hon. Michael Peyrefitte Minister of National Security: No, even so I would encourage the news people to start their news earlier, finish earlier and have their people work from home. I take example from the BPO people. About 5,000 of them and they have said that they have put infrastructure in place to have their people work at home an still have business continue. So if they can move and motivate 5,000 people to this man can’t we motivate five people, ten people to do this? So if your news starts at 6:30 try to make it finish by 7:30 so that you can be home by eight because it’s not automatic that you’ll be allowed to be out after eight and the question will be what purpose do you have after eight ? What purpose if everything is shut down ?

So, what changed between yesterday and today when it comes to the Boledo draw and its status?  Here is how Peyrefitte explained it.

Hon. Michael Peyrefitte Minister of National Security: Well we figured well if you go to a shop ,and it’s shops that sell Boledo for the most part, if you’re there if you’re allowed to go to a shop anyway then why not allow you to consume everything from that shop ? You can buy many things from a shop that’s not essential. If I go to a convenience store or a food store I could buy a pack of biscuits is that essential ? No but it’s sold in shops. So if you go to the shop we’re trying to make everything that is sold at that shop available to the public, so if you can buy Boledo then have the Boledo then have the Boledo play if it’s within the particular time it’s no harm no foul overall in any event. While people are buying they can pay for the Boledo if they want.” 

Boledo will draw each weeknight at seven o’clock while Sunday lottery stands at ten o’clock.

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