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Bomb threat: false alarm

Late yesterday evening, an alert began circulating of intentions to plant an explosive device on the compound of Holy Redeemer Primary School in Belize City.  The alert reached the authorities and immediately a plan of action was executed.  The Bomb Expert at the Belize Defence Force was called in and a sweeping operation began this morning at the school.  By eight thirty, an all-clear was given and a release was issued by the school stating that classes would resume today as per normal.  Commissioner Chester Williams spoke on the incident.

Chester Williams – Commissioner of Police: “We received the information early last night, since then I had directed police to guard the compound throughout the night and that the BDF bomb expert be brought in early this morning to ensure that the grounds be checked properly before students or teachers were allowed on the compound. The bomb expert cleared the building around 6:45 am and certified that the compound and building were safe. We maintained police presence throughout the day and the police’s presence will be maintained throughout until the end of this school term. I will say that while I have heard some comments to the effect of we have never had any bomb threat that really turned out to a bomb. As the Police Department we do not take anything for granted and every bomb threat that we receive we will respond to it as if it was real, especially where it involves our children. We need to ensure that we take good care of our children and ensure that they are safe at all times. A school is no place for a person to try to declare a bomb threat so those efforts that we do to ensure that our children and our teachers are safe will continue to be maintained.”

According to the alert, the act of terrorism was planned because the school had allegedly expelled a student; a statement that the school says is untrue.  According to Commissioner Chester Williams, ‘A police officer will be posted at the school throughout the day and a patrol will frequent the school to ensure the safety of our children and teachers. This will be done on a daily basis until the close of this term.