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Book on Sustainable development hit bookstores

A new book penned by a Belizean author will be on bookshelves shortly.  Dr. Louis Zabaneh has published “The sustainable development of Belize, a citizen’s manual. Today we sat down with the author to find out why the topic of sustainable development.

Dr. Louis Zabaneh, Author

“Our hope is that in the form of a book we would be able to share this new framework of thinking about development and we know that sometimes in a talk show kind of setting it’s hard to get in all the important points so hopefully in the form of a book citizens will be able to have more time to digest the contents and then the other audience we are hoping to serve with this would be probably sixth form students as well .When we are able to use that approach of understanding development questions, many times we look at problems uni-dimensionally in one area and then try to find solutions for the problem without considering the other important factors and many times the solutions fall short and we kind of sea that from year to year we are not seeing the results that we’d like to see in Belize. But other countries where the approach has been adopted, we have found that there is a greater level of success with policies aimed towards development.”

We asked Zabaneh what is his hope that readers of the publication would take away.

 Dr. Louis Zabaneh, Author

That they will be able to have a new frame work of thinking about development and without going into the details that are there that any one problem has four important dimensions, the institutional which deals with formal or informal rules that we have whether it’s related to the constitution issues related to finance reform within our government. Formal courts that are set up or inform as well which are things like norms that you have rules that you have in your family that would be institutional. Then we are familiar with the economic as well, the social issues that have to do with education and health, family and then environmental we need the environment to be stable to sustain ourselves. So when we would analyze a problem now we would hope that the reader would leave with that knowledge to be able to analyze issues and use that frame work. In addition to that there is also another approach that is now being more used called the capabilities approach where you assess development based on people’s ability to achieve their dreams and their aspirations so that’s the bench mark that is being promoted here. So after reading it we hope that those principles become second nature to our citizens and they will be better empowered to address the critical issues that we are facing.”

Zabaneh said at this point he is assessing the demand to determine the quantity to print.   The books will be available in all the main book stores across the country.  He said the hopes to put the second edition online.