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Boom threat keeps children away from school

Even though, today is a normal school day, most parents whose children attend St. Martin’s De Porres Primary School chose to keep their children at home, due to an inferred threat via social media.  This morning we spoke to Principal Anne Palacio.

Anne Palacio – Principal

“I got a message through my Facebook page yesterday evening and as soon as I got that message I took it very seriously and we have strategic plans for things like this for this school and for myself and so immediately I called my supervisors, my management and after that we called the police officers and quickly I spoke to Desiree Phillips Magdaleno and she quickly put things in place with police officers on the ground, police officers escorting me to school this morning and they did a quick sweep of the grounds and they found absolutely nothing on our grounds.”


“When was that sweep done?”

Anne Palacio – Principal

“It was done early this morning around 6 a.m.”

A strong police presence was seen at the school to ensure the safety of the staff and students. Today, classes continued with only about 15% of the school population present.

“Classes still remain and classes are going on right now, teachers are actually teaching however it’s up to the parents if they feel that your child is not safe they have all rights to take their child home but classes are on we are teaching and we are still here.”

Palacio who just took office at the new school year on September 4, says the bomb threat was seemingly of a personal nature.

Anne Palacio – Principal

“In one synopsis it was talking about they are going to throw a grenade welcoming the new principal at St.Martin’s De Porres School more or less so it was more or less a threat personally to me and then it went to the school itself so that is one of the reasons why the officers escorted me and because I’m a fairly new principal here and so that was how the message was on Facebook.”

Reporter: Do you believe that persons don’t want you here?

Anne Palacio – Principal

“I have no idea what the motive is. I don’t know if someone out there is just being very mischievous but we are still taking everything in precaution and we are taking care of our grounds, we have our children and staff safe and I am still here very much safe. We don’t have any motive, we don’t know who did it, we don’t know why they did it we have no idea what the motive is behind that type of threat but we are taking it seriously.”

Principal Palacio emphasized that the school is safe and they are proceeding with classes as normal. Also, strategic plans are in place to ensure that the school grounds remain safe.

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