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Boots Blame PUP for Loss in UDP Convention

This morning Anthony Martinez held a press conference at his office. Rather than accept that the combined strategy of the Minister of National Security and the Minister of Education worked in favor of Phillip Willoughby, Martinez blamed Peyrefitte’s loss solely on the Peoples United Party.

Anthony Martinez: “Brief synopsis of it that I say that hmph the PUP neva mih di joke with we. Just a brief synopsis because if you notice they gold and they pink and there right off on a brief synopsis with me. It gave me some indication that there was trouble. It was the difference in terms of winning and losing was that the People’s United Party involvement, it was supposed to be a convention from the supporters as the United Democratic Party but low and behold only to find out that the strike off list that was never honored by the party. As four time representative I am sure that out of 4000 list that there can’t be that everybody is UDP and that show you. You see these list was prepared by us here and these same lists here are list that the secretariat have access to from August so when you are looking at the list here this one is pledging the phone number and everything and if you look on what indeed to be the strike off list. The strike off list from here, those PUP didn’t miss yesterday they didn’t miss, it was narrowed down to 91 and even that didn’t work including yesterday. There were campaigners from UDP who for Mr. Usher out there street to street with list, case in point. I’m not afraid to call no name: Rita Anderson on the list, Rita Matura on the list, Wendy Cartivo, Cleaton Novelo. They are active campaigners and not only active campaigns they are voting in the convention.”

Martinez says that the UDP allowed PUP supporters to vote and the party ignored his list which would have rejected 91 PUP supporters from voting in the UPD Port Loyola Convention.