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Boots Martinez Marches away from his Brothers drug plane, cop and ministers comments

Edward Vincent Martinez, the brother of Minister Anthony “Boots” Martinez held a press conference on Tuesday alleging that several ministers of Government and high ranking politicians are involved in narco-trafficking and the landing of planes on clandestine airstrips across the country.   We asked Minister Martinez about the allegations his brother has made against his cabinet brothers.

Jose Sanchez: “The allegations reflect on you as the brother.”

Honorable Anthony Martinez: “No when I die they will bury Boots Martinez, they won’t bury my brother. That was his comment and I leave it at that. I never heard his comment.”

Jose Sanchez: “We won’t call names but he mentioned current Ministers, Government and Police: your colleagues.”

Honorable Anthony Martinez: “I am not involved in no kind of scenario where you say, me say, she say and mentioned it. In fact if you notice the media was cagey enough even to not call names because they know the repercussion of calling names so why will I be involved in something like that.”

Jose Sanchez: “So you distance yourself from you brothers comments?”

Honorable Anthony Martinez: “I have to, I don’t know anything of that. You hosted the press conference and all questions and so we were directed to him and whatsoever he said, that is his business. I have nothing to do with that. I distance myself completely because I believe that most of the things as far as I know have been said or what is being speculated or being said is further from the truth as far as I am concerned.”

Jose Sanchez: “Commissioner the brother of the current Minister of Government has made some serious allegations against members of the Police Department and members of Government. I know you have probably heard of it but are you looking to use allegations now as Commissioner of questioning this particular individual Mr. Martinez.”

Chester Williams Commissioner of Police: “I really don’t want to delve into Mr. Martinez’s press conference yesterday. If it is that he have any evidence against senior officers in police then present the evidence to me and then we will see where we can go from there. In the absence of that there is nothing I can do.”