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Boots Martinez Supports Dianne Finnegan in Lake I

The Minister of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez using his skill as an analyst, also gave his opinion on the Finnegan win for UDP Lake I.

Honorable Anthony Boots Martinez: “I am the Minister responsible for women and children and so I am so excited for Miss Finnegan. I welcome her as my colleague and I think it’s a good day for the country especially now because in the UDP line up has  three females: mainly Minister Panton, Minister Bev and now Miss FInnegan. It’s welcoming for me, I am surely excited this morning and I am not  political analysis you know, I believe and I have to believe in my mind that, that is my colleague and that is my party and so I have to believe and I have all confidence that Miss Finnegan will deliver whenever the next election is called, that is my personal view and that is my wishes also.