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BOOTS says he will give the goods and services to Port Residents

The next General Election is still a distance away. Love News asked Minister Martinez if he would filter the government subvention for Port Loyola through the next area representative Phillip Willoughby. Martinez made it clear, he is still in charge of the UDP Port Loyola Division.

Jose Sanchez: “In terms of the goods and services as you call, government subventions for court. Will those now flow through the new person Mr. Willoughby.”

Port Loyola Rep Anthony Martinez: “Not at all sir,  Not at all, I am the area representative then, I am the area representative yesterday and I am the area representative now, certain protocols remain the same so the goods and services as the good good representative will remain for the people of Port through my stuartship.

We will have more on the Port Loyola Convention in tonight’s newscast.