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More boots on the streets for safer December

December is here and like every year, it is a busy month for many Belizeans as they prepare for the holidays. To ensure that Belizeans go about their merry business safely for the month, the Belize Police Department has also become busier. Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says the Department has deployed more boots on the streets.

DCP Chester Williams: “Christmas is something that many people look forward to and as Police we have to look at dealing with four types of persons: you have the business people, you have the shoppers, you have the party goers and you have the criminals and we must ensure that whatever strategy that we develop is built around taking those different categories of people into consideration. But most importantly our primary objective is to ensure that the persons who are doing business do so in a peaceful environment and those persons who are shopping do so peacefully as well as those who are the party goers and so forth. When it comes to criminals we must ensure that we don’t give them that window of opportunity to commit crime and so for this Christmas season like any other Christmas season we will be boosting up our Police presence in the commercial areas through our Christmas Anti Crime Campaign. I know that our officers have been working extremely hard over the year and I want to commend them for the fantastic job that they have done so far this year but we are now calling on them to give us a little more, this final push to close off the year in a good way. So I have said to the Commanders that we need to ensure that we push our people. We started our Christmas Anti Crime Campaign on the 1st of December. While we expect more from our officers around this time I will say that we are not asking them to work in vain. It is extraneous duties, they will be paid, the Government normally pays the Police Officers for working extra around this time and so while yes they will be working more at the end of the day the compensation will come for them.”