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Boss P denies being a part of Saldivar’s slate

While John Saldivar may already have his slate together, Clifford “Boss P” Peters stated that he is not a part of it.

While John Saldivar may already have his slate together, Clifford “Boss P” Peters stated that he is not a part of it. The Dangriga UDP Chairman put in his application for Vice Chair of the party, running against current chairman, Alberto August. However, it seems Minister Saldivar jumped the gun when he posted on his Facebook that Boss P was a part of his slate. Today, Peters denied the claim, stating that he is running independently.

Clifford Boss P Peters, UDP Dangriga Chairman

Clifford “Boss P” Peters, UDP Dangriga Chairman: “I’m running independent for that candidacy of the vice chairman. That position to me is important that you do not pick sides because in Dangriga usually that has divided us in the past and has caused great controversy and has hurt our society more than any other society.”

Reporter: So are you on team Saldivar?

Clifford “Boss P” Peters, UDP Dangriga Chairman: “No sir. I’m running independently. I stand independent and I’m watching and still haven’t decided, I will speak to the elders in the party, because they are the ones that have all backed me up with all the fight and everything the elders stood by my side and I look out for them and same way they look out for me so I will speak with the elders of the party, hear their suggestion and then I will use my conscience to make the right decision.”

Reporter: What do you think qualifies you to submit for the position of vice chair?

Clifford “Boss P” Peters, UDP Dangriga Chairman: “Well everyone knows me as the chairman of Dangriga. I’ve never lost an election, I’m a hard worker and I look out for the poor people and the rank and file of the party, that’s what I’m known for all over the country and that hasn’t changed my philosophy from being vice chairman to the chairman and climbing up. I started as a regular street campaigner for the party just because of the love choosing UDP not for any job because I have my own job and most of my business is from the Americans building condos and so; if it was political I would have been dead already when PUP would have been in.”

Alberto August, UDP Chairman

Reporter: Now you are going up for Deputy Chairman but Alberto August who is currently the chairman has also indicated that he plans to run for Deputy Chairman, so are you prepared to square off against Mr.August?

Clifford “Boss P” Peters, UDP Dangriga Chairman: “I have worked with him before, we have worked together in Dangriga but I think I have new ideas and new plans and new focus going forward. Some of my ideas are like having a unified chairman committee that all chairmans report to the head chairman or the vice chairman things that are affecting in their area like what happened in Dangriga so we don’t have those problems and getting to the rank and file. I haven’t said he hasn’t done a good job but I think that was one of the down fall of the party.”