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Bounty for BDF Volunteer Element Reinstated

Seventy eight members of the Volunteer element of the Belize Defense Force were presented with an envelope, each containing nothing less than six hundred dollars.  The money they received today is referred to as a bounty.  The bounty program was halted eight years ago and after much lobbying for the finances, it has been reinstated.  Minister John Saldivar says it is a program he hopes never gets put on hold again.


Love News understands that the bounty was calculated based on the past four years.  Ordinarily each volunteer who meet the requirements of perfect attendance to events they are called out to among other things would get seven days payment according to their rank in the unit.  Since the BDF had calculated the payments for over the last four years that would have been indicative of twenty eight days payment.  Due to budgetary Constraints, however, they only received payment equivalent to nineteen days.  BDF Commander, David Jones spoke of the volunteer element and their mandate.


The BDF Bounty is given over a four year period and is given for exemplary service.