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Bowen & Bowen funded $94K in scholarships

Bowen and Bowen handed out twenty-one scholarships at its fourth annual awards ceremony.  The twenty-one awards included ten secondary level scholarships, ten tertiary level scholarships, and one vocational level scholarship.  The recipients were selected from among Bowen and Bowen employees’ children.  Michael Bowen, the Chief Executive Officer, addressed the students and their parents at the awards ceremony.

Michael Bowen – CEO, Bowen & Bowen: Today we are helping to open the doorway to the future. It’s a day when awarding the Bowen & Bowen Scholarships to deserving students out of the employees of Bowen & Bowen demonstrates that these students have demonstrated enthusiasm for education and understanding the value of education. Nelson Mandela I believe said this quote” Education is the most powerful weapon we have to change the future” and the reason Bowen & Bowen offers these scholarships is because we want to support students who understand the value of education and the families that also understand the value of education and also we want to recognize the dedication that you as parents have to your students because without your dedication they wouldnt understand the value of an education so you need to keep supporting your children through. It’s not just your students’ responsibility; it’s all of our responsibility and yours as you guide them through.

Christy Henderson, one of Bowen and Bowen past scholarship recipient, said that receiving the scholarship help to lighten the financial burden of her parents.

Christy Henderson Scholarship recipient: The scholarship that I received helped me and my family tremendously as it allowed me to finish my Associates degree without putting an extra burden on my parents. Being in school and performing in the band taught me to organize and schedule my time. During my high school and sixth form years I would always  find myself staying up late of finish my homework. It was a really challenging time however I never lost focus at what was at stake. I have always tried to do my best and wholeheartedly believe that once you do the right thing and take on your responsibilities nothing can stand in the way of your success. To all the new recipients of this excellent scholarship; I encourage you to never take anything for granted and appreciate the great opportunity that you get in life.

The total value of the Bowen and Bowen scholarships is ninety-four thousand dollars.