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Bowen & Bowen issues twenty six scholarships to the children of their employees

Twenty-six students, all of whom are children of Bowen & Bowen employees, received scholarships to help ease the financial burden that accompanies high education. This marks the fifth year that Bowen & Bowen has had their scholarship program, and the total value of this year’s scholarships amounted to one hundred and thirty nine thousand dollars. According to John Palacio, the Public Relations Coordinator, there are 109 students in all who currently benefit from the program, bringing the total value of scholarships to over half a million dollars.

John Palacio – Public Relations Coordinator, Bowen and Bowen: “Bowen and Bowen we have over 1200 employees, the largest private entity in the country in terms of employees so we decided that when it comes to a lot of things we prefer to do it in house. The reason for that is because why not help each other? We do a few things here, we do a few things there but we believe that when we educate our people then we tend to educate our country and that is the reason why we decided that when it comes to the Scholarship Program it is a B & B thing. This was our biggest intake so far being that especially over the five. What we were looking for ideally was ten for vocational-technical, ten for high school and ten for tertiary level but while we only received one for vocational-technical we said why not push the others when it comes to high schools and tertiary levels. That is the reason we had thirteen high schools and twelve for tertiary level for this year. There is a process, they need to fill out an application, while filling out that application as well, there are a few things on that application that they need to abide by. They need to also write an essay and we start to wean out from there so it is basically like a point system so as long as you fill out the application, you mark off your points and that is how you are chosen. The scholarships are being done in house but at the same time when you are finished with your educational needs, we try our best to keep these people in with us. The reason for that is like we mentioned when we educate you or when you are educated we want for that to eventually grow our business, to grow what we have as well so if you are educated, you are a part of us then, of course the business grows.”

We also spoke with the “Star Scholar,” Ivannie Cob, who had the highest GPA of all the scholarship recipients. Cob is attending Sacred Heart Junior College, and plans to get her Associate’s Degree in Accounting.

Ivannie Cob –  Star Scholar: “It is like the number one student out of the whole thirty-one applicants that applied. I was the one that was above all of it. It was a very unexpected opportunity but at least my hard work paid off for four long years of high school. I was in Std. 6 in primary school and basically my mom had to undergo a surgery. At that time I was very young and there was a time that came close to the beginning of high school. That is where highschool costs more than primary so it was very challenging for us financially. My goal is to become an accounting manager in the tourism sector. My message to them is to just keep studying very hard, it is going to be a challenge, there will be many ups and downs with both school life, personal life, friends, and company but just keep your head up and don’t let anyone tear you down.”

In order to keep the scholarships, the recipients must maintain an average of 2.5 and above. Another student, Devin Carillo was the only student who applied for the vocational scholarship, stating that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps to become an electrician.///////////////