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Boy Living with Hunters Syndrome is Gifted with Tablet

A very special handing over ceremony took place today at Stella Maris in Belize City. Cellular World partnered with Autism Belize to help out a boy who is living with Hunters Syndrome. It is a rare syndrome which affects physical and mental development and abilities of a person. The child was given a tablet equipped with a special app which will assist him in communicating better. His grandmother Gilda Leslie told the media how this small donation will greatly help her and her grandchild.

Gilda Leslie, Grandmother: “I usually have the bottle of water on the table and I always keep it full so whenever they want something to drink, water or so, they would go and get it and drink it and when it’s empty well Caylon says one or two words and when Omar hears him he would say things to but the main thing is having the cup on the table. When it’s time for lunch or breakfast I would say “Caylon are you ready to have your breakfast ?” he never says “Yes” he would always say “No” but  what I do I’d say “Get your plate.” then I know he would be ready to eat because if you ask him if he’s hungry he won’t say “No” he’ll shake his head. So with this tablet it will be easier because then he would communicate with it. The good thing for the bathroom is they know how to go to the bathroom but I’m always there to make sure that they don’t overload the toilet with paper, so they know when they want to go to the bathroom. They won’t say if they want juice or so but with my discretion I would know when to give them but I always make sure they have enough water to drink. From early on in life I went with his mom, we went to Milagro because we knew that something wasn’t right he was born with a hole in his chest and then we went to Milagro and from time to time we went and then his mom always kept in touch with taking him to Dr.Sosa at KHMH and then they said he has something and I couldn’t remember the name but afterwards I remembered it’s Hunter’s but with Caylon if he would fall, because he doesn’t have that balance, he would fall and then you don’t know if he’s hurt because he doesn’t cry in pain or say something hurts so you don’t know and if I ask where he’s hurting he wouldn’t know how to answer. So I think with this tablet it will be a big help.”