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BPF holds final No to ICJ Conference

The Belize Peoples Front (BPF) held a press conference this morning at the Radisson Fort George. The panel discussion included BPF candidates, Lorenzo Aldana, Jose Espat, Louis Diaz, John Carr and Nancy Marin. Marin who is the BPF Party leader reaffirmed their reasons for saying no to forwarding Guatemala’s unfounded claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) while saying that peace and alignment with Latin America is the solution for Belize.

Nefretery Nancy Marin Party Leader Belize’s People’s Front: “The Belize People’s Front, the way we intend to do it and I know there is a lot of questions about if we vote no where do we go from there. If we vote no there is no chance that Guatemala is going to invade us, they have too much to lose. The international community in this day and age will not tolerate it so let me say that Sedi is fear mongering and it unacceptable that he does that in this day and age. The Guatemalan military would never have fired a shot at me out there. Their diplomatic stance is very cohesive, they want to push, they want to be a bully, they want to scare us but no shots will be fired. Our best bet is to make alliances with the rest of Latin America. There is a lot of moves in Latin America to unite and the biggest thing on the agenda in every single meeting that I have had with Latin American leaders is peace. Peace is at the top of the agenda and if we align with Latin America, if we become a brotherhood with Latin America the pressure will be on Guatemala so that is the stance, that is the way we want to go. We want to do assertive diplomacy, no more weakened, we want to strengthen our military not just because we intend to war but because that is what they are there for.”

John Carr – Candidate, Belize People’s Front: “The things that we talk about basically is corruption, that is a big problem for us because it affects all of us and the next thing is the justice system. They are a separate things: corruption is used in the Government and Private Sector together and then when we have the justice system, that is the courts who have a hard time telling yes or no when a crime happens and it usually takes in our case years. Sometimes for a case to come to court it takes six to eight years, that is so wrong, then we have policing. There is no such thing as good policing if you have a bad justice system so crime that affects us is a really big deal. If we have no other issue to think about as a party you know we are the third largest, third highest murder rate in the world. That is hard to soak in but I have been here 41 years and if my wife or I was killed or my kids, a couple of kids have been killed my 41 years haven’t been worth it because it is so serious around here, nothing seems to be being done about it. There are a lot more things to say, I am not going to talk anymore. I love Belize very much and I feel that the Belize People’s Front is the right channel for us to change Belize to something better.”