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BPP Candidate alleges attempted ‘buy out’

They say there are two sides to a story but in the following story, there seems to be more. The story revolves around a municipal candidate for the Belize Progressive Party. Her name is Maria Lara and she wants to be a town councilor in Punta Gorda under the green banner. Lara, who has bills pending, says she has been requesting for assistance to clear her bills for quite some time. But when she decided to run for the municipal elections in Punta Gorda Town, Lara alleges she was approached by two UDP Senators and a UDP operative promising her that her bill would be cleared. The catch was that she had to publicly resign from the BPP. Her political colleague, Wil Maheia, sent us this video.

Price denies the allegations. In fact, he says that it was Maheia who promised to pay her fees. Price told Love News quote, “She asked for assistance and when offered the assistance as we felt sorry for her she then called Mr. Maheia and told him we would assist and she will not run again.” End of quote. Price sent us screenshots of text messages shared between him and Lara. In the messages, Lara tells him that she informed Maheia of her intentions but says that Maheia caught her off guard by informing the media. In one of the messages, Lara says that she wished that she got the offer before she rushed into politics. She says that she does not like what is happening and won’t scandal anyone. She says she only wanted help, not enemies