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BPP Circulates Their Solution to the Belize/Guatemala Issue

The Belize Progressive Party has circulated a document entitled, Solutions to the Belize – Guatemala Territorial Dispute.  The document begins by stating, quote, “The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is not Belize’s only option and it should not be tabled as Belize’s only option. The PUDP has done everything in their power to confuse Belizeans on the Belize – Guatemala Territorial Dispute.”  End of quote.  On the heels of that statement, the party broke down their thoughts in bullet points as they proposed the other way forward as it comes to the issue.  Several points in the document referred to what the BPP calls, Steps to be taken.  Step one noted that the Compromis document is not legal until it goes to the legislative arm of government to be ratified like every other treaty that every government signs onto; they added that the laws of Belize clearly states that any treaty the executive signs onto needs to go to the Senate for ratification. The document went on to state that if this Compromis is killed at the Senate without getting it ratified, or we kill it at the referendum when it’s put to the people, it is the same as saying “We do not want to go to the ICJ.” Once it is agreed that going to the ICJ is not agreed to, the BPP says that Guatemala will have to figure out that other step since Belize is not the one claiming Guatemalan territory but rather, the other way around; therefore there is no reason to be pursuing this matter and Guatemala will be the one to find the need to go to the UN Security Council which is the entire basis of the BPP’s proposal: to have the matter end up before the United Nations Security Council since our independence was sanctioned by the UN and thus the BPP believes that the Security Council and the UN is not about to go and make a conflicting judgement that would allow Belize to cede territory to Guatemala. The document by the BPP ended by stating, quote, “The PUDP will continue to do everything to confuse you. The PUDP is more concerned about making millions in legal fees going to the ICJ. The PUDP are in bed with Guatemalan special interest groups who are in bed and are owned by international corporations who want their greedy hands on Belize’s resource. “End of quote.  For clarification purposes, the term, PUDP, is used to refer to both the PUP and UDP political parties.