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BPP Harps on the Need for Re-registration and Re-districting

Of recent, the Government of Belize has been facing much opposition and pressures via a torch for good governance led by the Belize National Teachers Union and picked up by several other organizations and individuals.  While the BNTU has listed eight demands of good governance, the Belize Progressive Party has brought forth an additional demand and a proposal via a release they sent out yesterday.  In their release, they noted, quote, “to add to the discourse, in the name of bringing not only an expression, but also the practise of Good Governance principles to the fore, the BPP champions the call for Voter Re-registration and Re-districting to be held, on schedule, on or before 2017.  Of note, 2017 will mark 20 years since any such Re-registration exercise.  After all, with the electorate’s franchise being fundamental to the democratic process, Belize can no longer afford to allow for outdated voters lists to erode the integrity of the electoral process.”  End of quote.  In their second demand, the BPP is proposing that contributions be made to the BNTU Strike Fund by the private sector.   That portion of the release says, quote, “Additionally, the BPP proposes that the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and the Belize Business Bureau (BBB) intensify their efforts to hold the GOB to its promises regarding signing onto the UNCAC. This can be achieved by contributing to the BNTU Strike Fund at Heritage Bank, account number 1080719, which would clearly demonstrate their unquestionable conviction toward the need for government to make good on its promises, which remain precisely that, solely promises, at this juncture.  This recommendation is part and parcel of the BPP’s approach to not only calling a spade a spade, but also demonstrating our commitment to providing viable options toward ensuring a solution to the problems facing our nation.”  End of quote.