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BPP Joins in Chorus of Rescission of Sarstoon SI

Joining the chorus to rescind the SI is the Belize Progressive Party. Today Patrick Rogers told Love News the point of view of the party and he also spoke of other attempts they have made to return to the Sarstoon.


“Currently we’ve been calling for the rescinding of the law from the get go. We do intend to make a second trip so we can officially challenge the law because our restriction, you were there, if we had additional boats then we would have been able to traverse the sea up to the mouth of the Sarstoon to see if we were going to be detained. Not having backup boats and not having a strategy left us in a position now where we must go back and do a second attempt at traversing the Sarstoon before we are able to officially challenge this law but in the meantime yes we are joining the chorus to have that law be rescinded. It’s an unjust law, it’s unconstitutional and it’s very discriminatory because it has only been applied to a specific group of people in this country so yes there are grounds for discrimination to challenge that law but we need to do a second attempt up the river. We’ve already made a stealth attempt that didn’t get off the ground because the boat captains who have to live after these events in the hostile environment are very skeptical to put their boats out there so we may end up getting boats from Stann Creek or Belize City to go down there to do our next attempt. We have an annexation of our Southern River, we have the western border where we hear Guatemalan Military have built up there and acting in an intimidating fashion towards our security forces thereby allowing their civilians to come into our lands as though they are offering a level of protection to them so that is why we’ve been making the point that the BPP it says although our governments are paying protection fees to a mob type operation in Guatemala because that military industrial complex built by the US controlled by their oligarchy what they want is not necessarily what the people of Guatemala want but they control their media, they control the rhetoric being put out international and today we find ourselves in a situation where we are saying that we need to go straight to the United Nations and Security Council today, as we are speaking because the dynamics have changed, they are not a friendly neighbor they are effectively building up their army at the border points in an attempt to intimidate us.”

Dr. Louis Zabaneh recently announced that he was joining the BPP. On a short visit to Belize, Zabaneh spoke with Love News about his decision to join the BPP and the role he hopes to play within the party.


“If you look historically at things when there is a big change people thought that there were no options. Before Jesus came people thought that there was just certain options but then he presented a different option and now you see the benefits of it. I use that as an example to say that what we have had exposed to us, if we use rational thinking, we see very clearly that the result of the two parties we’ve had has been a deterioration in our social environment, we see our educational system being subpar to use a kind word. Only 50% of kids who should be in the secondary schools are in there, where are the other 20,000 children?  Our health system is in disarray, we hear crazy stories that occur in our hospitals .We have good people who are there trying to work but we don’t have the resources, where are those resources. We look at the economic sector, we look at all of our industries. Our exports have fallen dramatically, our imports have kept rising, those require a certain type of leadership that has not been there. We look at the institutions where our leadership should reside, where those solutions should be found and the solutions are not forthcoming. So those two parties unfortunately while there may have been hope in the past from certain people I think more people are clearly seeing even now with our environment we are seeing parts of our rivers being lost to another country and all these kinds of things. These are the things that are real, that it doesn’t matter what party you belong to you cannot argue otherwise it is right there for us to see that it has failed us. The people who are here with the BPP in my humble view after assessing the people are the only ones in my mind who have the character, the ability to take us in that direction where we can start focusing on our people because it is in people that we find that we have the solutions. I am now an advisor to the executive on matters related to sustainable human development which covers economics, institutions, the environment, the economy so everything that I have had the privilege to learn and experience in life I am happy and I am sharing it with them also bringing my network of connections of people locally and internationally.”